Escalating fertilizer prices inspired the creation of this nitrogen fixing cover crop and forage. Discover what makes Frosty such a unique legume and how it can fit into your cropping cycle.


Berseem clover, Trifolium alexandrinum, is a cool-season annual legume that is native to the Mediterranean region. For millennia, it has been the foundation for agriculture in the Nile Delta, featuring salt tolerance, high nitrogen fixation, and a synergistic relationship to alfalfa . Frosty, while preserving its Mediterranean genetics, has been bred for later maturity, cold tolerance, productivity, and  nutritional value.

There are two types of Berseem Clover, single-cut and multi-cut.  Single-cut varieties, like Balady, are quick to show growth and go to seed giving a narrow window for harvest. Multi-cut varieties, like Frosty, are capable of delivering multiple harvests in a single season.

Berseem clover has very low hard seed counts, allowing for quick establishment and lessening its potential to become a weed.

Patent # US 9,706,742

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