Frosty Berseem Clover Cold-Tolerant

Cold-Tolerant, Nitrogen-Fixing Legume

Escalating fertilizer prices inspired the creation of this nitrogen-fixing cover crop and forage.

Frosty is capable of fixing more than 150 lbs. of Nitrogen per acre. Helping to offset or replace your synthetic nitrogen.

Frosty is a tap-rooted legume that is capable of breaking up hard pans and improving the soil. Those deep roots are also capable of pulling up phosphorous, potassium, and other nutrients from deep in the soil profile.


fRESh weight (LBS/A) Total dry weight (LBS/A) Total N (LBS/A)
full flower579359919180
late veg293764846100
frosty berseem in mississippi in late december-crop-u7259

Frosty for Wildlife Foodplots

Frosty is also a superior performer in deer plots. The image to the left is a wildlife plot with an exclusion cage to illustrate just how much deer enjoyed the protein-rich clover.

Frosty Berseem Clover grows rapidly when temperatures exceed 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frosty can be planted by itself or in combination with oats and/or FIXatioN Balansa Clover. 

Learn more about FROSTY Berseem Clover in deer plots.

Tolerates or is useful for

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Frosty is an ideal nitrogen fixing cover crop because of its growth habit and timing. It produces early season biomass that makes it highly attractive as a cover crop in rotation with corn, cotton, and more
Nitrogen Fixation Ability to fix nitrogen into your soil for your subsequent cash crops to utilize as fertilizer for growth and energy  
Weed Suppression Ability to suppress weeds by shading soil and releasing allelopathic chemicals  
Beneficial Insectary Ability to attract beneficial insects and reduce your reliance on costly insecticides  
Forage Quality Ability to improve forage quality by suppressing weeds and providing highly nutritious forage  
Nutrient Recycling Ability to store excess nutrients from cash crops for use in subsequent plantings  
Quick Regrowth Ability to increase soil organic matter by accumulating biomass in a short period of time  
Soil Compaction Ability to increase nutrient uptake and root development by breaking up dense and compacted soil  
Erosion Control Ability to hold soil in place to capture and retain moisture from rainfall and prevent topsoil erosion  
Water Management Ability to increase field productivity by improving the drainage of wet soils  
Nematode Resistance Ability to suppress the growth of nematodes by interrupting their reproductive cycles  

Big Protein. Big Bucks.

Improve your soil and increase your yields with nitrogen-fixing cover crops from a leader in forage, turf, and cover crop research.


Frosty isn’t just cold tolerant, with good management, berseem clover is moderately tolerant to salt and saturated soils low in pH.
Heat Ability to tolerate heat stress caused by warm temperatures and/or limited water availability  
Drought Ability to tolerate periods of limited water availability  
Sub-Freezing Ability to tolerate freezing temperatures for an extended period of time  
Shade Ability to tolerate low light conditions caused by plant competition  
Flood Ability to tolerate standing water or flooded areas for a limited period of time  
Low Fertility Ability to tolerate soils with limited nitrogen, and other mineral resources necessary for growth  


All species of livestock and poultry will take readily to berseem forage. Research has shown that by adding Frosty to your initial sowing of alfalfa (10-20% of the mix) that the synergy between the two results in greater forage yields and improved forage quality.

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Alfalfa's Best Friend, Frosty Berseem Clover

Frosty’s aggressive growth and low hard seed count helps it to establish quickly, filling in bare spots and areas of alfalfa that have winter killed. Frosty dries down similar to alfalfa, maintaining its green color and increasing the forage value of the hay or crop.